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Meet Your Consultant

Navin is a dynamic, passionate and personable individual with extensive experience working in successful leadership, management and team building roles. Navin’s expertise lies in improving corporate strategy for business growth,  operational effectiveness and employee engagement. He has worked in the commercial and social sectors across the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, India, Peru and Europe.  His aptitude, awareness and abilities allow him to make valuable contributions, provide strategic perspectives, maximise growth and establish long-term solutions to organisational challenges within a multidisciplinary team. His excellent networking and persuasive interpersonal skills are pertinent to his passion to work with organisations that seek to bring employees face to face with their goals.

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Navin's exemplary leadership coupled with his attention to detail helped me with navigating my own journey with establishing a solid presence in world of social enterprise. On a personal note Navin has has been a true mentor in leveraging your passions into tangible outcomes. I look forward to many more endeavours with Navin and would not hesitate to endorse him as an asset to any organisation looking for a driven leader underpinned with a clear strategy and servant leadership qualities. Outstanding work!

Managing Consultant, IBM

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